Varmint Match
Will begin at 10:00 AM
The 1st relay will start at 11:00 AM
Entry Fee
$10.00 MIN- $20.00 MAX
All shooters AND guest must sign and date a liability release. You are responsible for your own safety.
No alcoholic beverages permitted. Eye and ear protection required.
Bolts must be removed from rifles until the range officer gives the command to install.
Paper target with 20 animal silhouettes of various sizes on each target.
Targets have a scoring rings and a dot for X's. Best edge scoring will be used in
conjunction with Scoring reticle Based on largest caliber used in the match.
One shot must be taken at each animal on the target.
Rimfire- 100 yards
Centerfire- 200 yards.
Relays & Ammo
Relays will be 20 minutes. Match is 20 rounds.
Unlimited sighter's Separate sighter targets for each bench.
All targets will be scored for the worst 20 shots on the paper.
If you crossfire, make sure it is a good one, so your neighbor will be happy with you.
Centerfire -
Front rest: Pedestal with bag or bi pod.
Rear rest: Bag only.
NO ONE PIECE RESTS. No rail guns
Any rest, including one piece. No rail guns
Factory class rifles must have factory receiver, factory stock, and factory barrel.
Receiver may be bedded. Only factory installed muzzle brakes will be allowed.
After market trigger and any scope is acceptable. No flat bottomed stocks.
No "factory custom" rifles such as
Cooper or 40-X.
No forearm stabilizers, such as
Accuracy Asset.
.30 caliber or less.
Any rifle that does not qualify for factory class, but with twenty-five pound (25lb)
weight limit, including scope. Must be .30 caliber or less. No Rail Guns.
Match Director
Bob Taylor
Ties will be broken by shooting paint ball targets
Top Shooter
Rimfire -
Centerfire -
June 9th - July 14th - August 11th - September 8th