American Rimfire Association Match
The best in rimfire competition
Registration: 9:00am
Time: The first relay starts at 10:00am
Lite lunch & drinks included at regular Matches
All Tournaments Include Lunch, Drinks & Awards
Juniors under 17, free, with shooting adult
General Rules
All posted range rules will be enforced, and the Match will adhere tightly to all ARA rules.
All American Rimfire Association (ARA) Rules can be found at
All shooters & guests must sign the liability release.
(You are responsible for your own safety)
Match Director - Mitch Lige
To see pictures from the Match
25 shots each per match
Relays will be 20 minutes
Commercial 22 long rifle ammo only
The ARA is open to any rest
Any 22 long rifle rimfire
April 7th
(4 targets) $20.00 entry fee
May 5th
(4 targets) $20.00 entry fee
No Match due to The Want To Be Big Time Archery Club  
July  7th
Lynn Alber Memorial Tournament - (6 targets) $35.00 entry fee - limited to 36
Aug. 4th
(4 targets) $20.00 entry fee
See You at the ARA Nationals (register early)
Oct  6th
State Tournament (6 targets) $35.00 entry, fee limited to 36