May 1st - 4 Targets Club Shoot -6:00 PM
June 5th - 4 Targets Club Shoot - 6:00 PM
July 6th - 6 Targets Tournament 12:00 PM
August 7th - 4 Targets Club Shoot 6:00 PM
September 4th - 4 Targets Club Shoot 6:00 PM
October 5th - 6 targets State Match 12:00 PM
All club matches are $10.Shooter chooses one class
Tournaments and state matches are $25.
Shooter may choose to shoot two classes, $5 additional for second class
Youth shooters 17 years and younger shoot for free (with an adult)
Registration starts one hour prior to match.
All ABRA rules will be followed they may be found at
All posted range rules will be enforced , safety is always first ,fun is second
Chamber flags must be used and will be available
All shooters must sign a range liability release form.
You are responsible for your own safety
Targets 20 bulls/20 shots - best edge scoring
Relays - 15 minutes
Ammo - Commercial 22 long rifle
Rest - Two piece , bi pod , bags ......No one piece rest(autos only)
Rifle - semi-auto  22 lr (see ABRA class rules)
Match Directors
Mitch Lige - tradesilver925@yahoo.com
Mike Stempien
NEW THIS YEAR , a heavy barrel bolt gun and a lite barrel bolt gun class
See ABRA rules on specifics.
Four Classes- semiauto factory, unlimited and bolt lite and heavy
Lite lunch provided