Hillsdale County Conservation Club
General Release and Waiver of Liability
Due to the use of FIREARMS, we require ALL SHOOTERS AND OBSERVERS to
Assume all risks by signing and acknowledging this release and waiver
I, ________________________________________________hereby acknowledge that I have voluntarily read,
understand and agree to sign this waiver of liability.  As lawful consideration of being permitted to enter upon the premises
which the HRC events are conducted, being permitted to participate in and/or observe such activities or otherwise use the
facility.  I, the undersigned, on behalf of myself, my heirs, distributes, legal representatives, next of kin and assign to agree to
the provisions set below:
1.    The undersigned, hereby release, waive, discharge and covenant not to sue, make claim against the Hillsdale County
Conservation Club, Hillsdale Rifle Club, any sponsors, affiliates, match directors, officers, participating shooters or visiting
observers.  This agreement also includes but is not limited to food service providers, advertisers, rescue personnel or any
person or persons attending HCCC/HRC events.
2.    The undersigned hereby agrees to indemnify, save and hold harmless from any loss, liability, damage or cost that may
incur to his/her presence or any act of himself/herself or others while observing and/or participating in HCCC/HRC events
or related activities.
3.    The undersigned also understands and agrees that the foregoing release, waiver and indemnity agreement is intended to
be as broad as is permitted by the laws of the State of Michigan.
4.    The undersigned is fully aware of the risks and hazards inherent to entering upon premises where firearms shooting and
archery events and/or practice is being conducted.
5.    The undersigned is aware that the participation and or observation of HCCC/HRC events consists of LOADED
FIREARMS and is a potentially hazardous activity.
6.    The undersigned agrees to compensate or reimburse the RELEASEES for any costs, expenses, damages including
attorney’s fees resulting form any claim against the REALEASEES for property damage, personal injury or death which
arise as a result of any passive or active negligence or any other act of the undersigned while participating in and /or
observing any HCCC/HRC shooting event or related activity conducted by the RELEASEES.
7.    The undersigned agrees that any unsafe act, including the use of alcohol and/or controlled substances while involved in
the handling or use of any firearm or while armed will be cause for immediate expulsion from Hillsdale County Conservation
Club property.
8.    The undersigned agrees that any willful refusal to follow event rules will be considered just cause for expulsion from
HCCC property and that any costs including entry fees will not be refundable and that HCCC/HRC Range Safety Officers
and Match Directors have the authority to determine this and their decision is final.
Name: ____________________________________ Signature: _________________________________
Spouse: ___________________________________ Signature: _________________________________
City: ____________________________ State: _______________________ Zip Code: ______________
I am the parent or legal guardian and signing this agreement on behalf of a person who is under the age of   eighteen (18)
years.  I have all legal authority to act on behalf of such minor person and I bind said minor, and/or myself to all of the terms
of this agreement.
Name of Minor: __________________________________ Date of Birth: _________________
(Please Print)
Signature of Minor: ____________________________________________________________